It is in Sicily, over 40 years ago, that the history of Zappalà begins. 
A genuine story that has its roots in a small artisan workshop. A story of a family and a company whose solidity has been built every day with passion and commitment. Dairy products of the highest quality that well underline the strong bond with the territory of a “proudly Sicilian” company that, today as yesterday, wants to be ambassador of its own land in the world.

The company is specialized in the preservation of fresh cheeses and in the production of cheeses typical of South Italy, offering artisan quality at competitive prices.

Pecorini gourmet

The Sicilian tradition of Pecorino in mini packages. Nine different flavors in which the fragrance of sheep’s whole milk embraces the tastes of high-quality ingredients.

Pecorino gourmet with truffle

Pecorino gourmet with black pepper

Pecorino gourmet with chili pepper, rocket and olives

Pecorino gourmet with pistachio

PDO & Specialities

Excellent traditional cheeses. Among them P.D.O. Pecorino stands out, emblem of the Sicilian dairy craftsmanship.

Aged Ragusano

PDO Pecorino


Fresh, baked or salted. A wide range of varieties and packages ideal for each recipe.

Fresh ricotta with sheep milk

Salted ricotta

Grated salted ricotta