Covering a total surface area of 30.000 mq, Soavegel is equipped with the most contemporary and innovative technological systems. For more than 80 years, Soavegel has engaged in production and deep-freezing of Italian gastronomical specialities.

Its range of speciality frozen food products, inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, includes product lines dedicated to retailers as well as professionals in catering and bars not equipped with professional kitchens. Soavegel supplies in fact the largest European and international supermarket chains with its products under private labels or its own brand.

Research activities are based on accurate market surveys, aimed at identifying new trends and consumer tastes also taking into consideration the local gastronomic traditions.

“Al Volo” Line

Soavegel presents the Snack Line “Al Volo”, a selection of high quality products, ready to be served after just a few minutes in the oven, thus ensuring a fast and innovative solution full of flavour and tradition. 

Aperipasta Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e Pepe


Apulian Panzerotto

Mozzarella in Carrozza





Filled Pancakes

Tasty pancakes filled with 4 different flavours covered with a thin layer of breadcrumbs to compliment the taste. Soavegel revolutionizes the world of filled pancakes by introducing cooking in the toaster!

The extra virgin olive oil, the iodized salt and the light cooking in the toaster, make the new Soavelli tastier and healthier.

Tomato and Mozzarella
Crispy XL Pancakes

Mushrooms and Mozzarella
Crispy Pancakes

Cheese and Mozzarella
Crispy Pancakes

Ham and
Cheese Crispy Pancakes

Food Service

Soavegel presents two new product lines, packed in 1 kg bags, dedicated both to professionals in catering and bars.

The main objective is to combine the quality guarantee with convenience, easy preparation and everyday use. Bars, Restaurants and Pizzerias can choose snacks to fry or to bake (Grand Chef line and Pronto Chef line) to provide a quick lunch or a tasty aperitivo.

Ascolana Olives

Sicilian Arancini

Gran Crocchè

Small balls of mozzarella