Sicily Food is a rapidly growing company that has made a name for itself in the fish market thanks to the historic techiniques of preservation and smoking of fish employed, the excellent taste and the superior quality of the raw materials. Salmon, swordfish, tuna and octopus are only some of the products available in different packs and forms.

The most prized cuts of tuna, salmon and swordfish, the lumpfish eggs and the tuna, salmon and swordfish sides presliced are suitable for gourmet food and great events, while the lightly smoked carpacci and the swordfish, salmon and tuna cubes can be part of our daily diet. Once thawed, frozen products keep the same freshness and taste. 

Product showcase

Here below you can find the description of some items. 


Lightly smoking makes these slices ideal for beautiful carpacci of salmon, tuna, swordfish, codand octopus.

Packs of 80 grams


Tuna, salmon and swordfish sides presliced, and regular slice packs, in formats designed specifically for large events. Interleaved solutions to facilitate service and simply regular slices to allow free interpretation for chefs.

Pre-sliced smoked salmon sides
800/1200 grams
Pre-sliced smoked Scottish salmon sides
800/1200 grams
Pre-sliced smoked Tuna sides
800/1200 grams
Pre-sliced smoked swordfish sides
800/1200 grams
Slices of smoked swordfish and smoked tuna
1400/1700 grams

La Dadolata

Swordfish, salmon and tuna as stock cube, flavors to play with in the kitchen, creating fantasy among main courses, starters and salads, risking unusual combinations or reinterpreting tradition in your own way.