Siag manages to be extraordinarily unique in its ability to convey history in a cup. The fundamental roots of the Neapolitan territory can be found in every drip of Siag coffee. Its overwhelming taste that delights all palates along with the world-class competence and experience of the staff are the points of strenght of this company.

Creating the perfect blend doesn’t mean only choosing the best raw materials, but also having great respect for the traditional Neapolitan recipes that make this coffee a nourishment for the soul.

From the very beginning, Siag has been devoted to quality. Perfect toasting and perfect grinding equals perfect taste of the whole product range, including coffee beans, ground coffee, pods and capsules.

Coffee beans

Siag line of coffee beans consists of 3 high quality blends to meet every taste.

Lapilli (50% Arabica – 50% Robusta), the delicate coffee that wakes you up!

Cenere (100% Arabica), the ideal blend for those who prefer mild coffee.

Lava (70% Robusta – 30% Arabica), the intense, creamy and full-bodied coffee perfect for strong coffee lovers.





The high quality of Siag’s products comes from the careful selection of best origins. Pods are available in in 100 or 150 pod packs. Decaffeinated coffee in pods is part of the range: 0,10% caffeine, 100% taste.

Arabica pods

Decaffeinated pods

Oro nero pods

Flavored pods

Ground coffee

Moka line in 250 gr tins.  Decaffeinated ground coffee is available too.

Ground Coffee - Arabica

Ground Coffee – Lapilli

Ground Coffee – Napoli Dark