Caffè Moak works in the coffee roasting and distributing sector. In 1967, Giovanni Spadola bought a 15-kg roasting machine and founded a small company, which he called Moak, acronym of moka and ancient name of Modica, his hometown. Nowadays, the former small company is a holding lead by second generation Annalisa and Alessandro, who share their father’s passion. A model of visionary company that managed to innovate by investing in modernization and cultural heritage. In 50 years of activity, Moak has been representing the “Made in Italy” all over the world, where research, innovation and communication oriented towards cultural commitment merge into a top-quality product.

Product showcase

The high quality of Moak’s products comes from the careful selection of best Arabica and Robusta single origins, as well as from the single roasting production process used since the beginnings. This is why each blend is able to satisfy different tastes in different latitudes. Moak offers a wide product range: the horeca range including three lines – Aromatik, Colonial and Essential – aimed at the hotel, restaurant and catering industry, the serving line My Music Coffee featuring six blends in pads and capsules, and the moka line, consisting of four blends of ground coffee or beans in 250g tins. Here below you will find a focus on some items.


A refined blend offering a unique Arabica blend with high intensity. A careful selection of single origins – among the most valued worldwide – is carried out to prepare this blend, in order to offer an exclusive experience.



It was created driven by the will to innovation, bringing together taste and respect for our planet. It consists of six blends: Special Bar and Dolce Vita (for espresso coffee), Passenger and Dreamland (for filter coffee), Bio Fair and Bio Fair Plus (blends boasting Organic and Fairtrade certifications).



This line is based on music, where taste meets creativity. Moak put together six blends – Stella, Brasilea, Soave, Andalusia, Servito and Coffee Break – and created a blend for each latitude as well as an accessory line, in order to give coffee shops a distinguishable touch.