Madama Oliva’s history began in a small rural village to the east of Rome, where some families dried and sold local black table olives in the nearby markets.

The Mancini family distinguished itself in this activity, for its commitment and passion, which by led to the creation of Madama Oliva, in 1989, in Carsoli.
In a few years, Madama Oliva was affirmed not only as the main supplier of fresh packed olives of the great Italian distribution but also as the first Italian exporting company in the United States and Japan.

Today, Madama Oliva is a global company, active in all five continents; its name is synonymous with quality preserves and olive products.

Snack line

100% vegetable pitted olives from the pulp, crunchy and tasty, in innovative and smart Doypack of 30 gr. Delicious as snacks, for aperitifs and in salads, a precious element of the Mediterranean, vegetarian and vegan diet.

Pitted green olives

Sicilian pitted green olives

Spicy pitted green olives

Sicilian spicy pitted green olives

Jars line

Olives in practical transparent glass containers to preserve their quality and conservation.

Castelvetrano Green Olives in Brine 190 g

Green Olives of Cerignola in Brine 190g

Appetizer of Olives 290 g

HoReCa line

Dedicated packs of olives, lupins, artichokes and dried tomatoes for restaurant professionals: Hotel Restaurants Coffee.

Olives line – Pail 4 kg

Artichokes Trays 1,2,5 Kg

Olives line – Pail 2 kg

Castelvetrano green olives Tin 2500 g

Olives in bag – Cube 3 kg

Vegetables and olives Jars
190,580,1000,1900 g