Founded from a great Sicilian business, that of the Macaluso family, set up in Palermo in 1920 and developed into the brand Coalma in 1967.

The company has been committed exclusively to Seafood and in particular to canned oily fish and Mediterranean Tuna. Macaluso is today an outstanding company founded on a clear ambition: to be a symbol of quality fish and food in Sicily. Due Pavoni, Coalma and Sant’Erasmo are some of their brands.

Not only does the company produce quality food chosen by generations of consumers, but it also shows its intense love for healthy gastronomic traditions rooted in their land, in full respect of the natural characteristics of all fishing or agricultural areas.

Product showcase

Here below you can find the description of some items

Due Pavoni tuna in olive oil

Due Pavoni tuna in olive oil is a genuine product made exclusively from selected fresh tuna cooked in water and salt according to tradition. Tuna is available in 80g tins and clusters with 3 80g tins for Retail and 1730g tins for Food Service.

Due Pavoni Anchovy fillets in olive oil

Filleted, salt-cured meaty anchovies, without fishbones and marinated in pure oil. A simple and original product. Perfect as a starter or a dressing for tasty dishes.Available in jars both for Retail and Food Service.

Sant’Erasmo Mediterranean red tuna

The Mediterranean red tuna has always been considered a valuable product, esteemed in all the main international markets. It’s a rare fish whose fishing is sensibly decreasing. The differences between this fish species and any other consist in its particular consistency, its unmistakable taste and its versatility in food preparation. No wonder if there is a great demand for it.