Fontana Ermes S.p.A. was founded at the end of the 50s by Ermes Fontana and is one of the producers of PDO Parma Ham that can boast a longer and more prestigious tradition.

Located in the heart of the Baganza Valley, over the years it has been able to blend the ancient and irreplaceable human art with the most modern technology. Located on an area of about 30,000 square meters, it has a production capacity of over 6 million kilograms of processed meat annually, in several production departments.

It produces about 400,000 hams each year and has a turnover of about 50,000,000 euro. Fontana Ermes S.p.A has been for several years an active protagonist in many markets: Italian, European, North American (USA and Canada), South American, Asian and Japanese. It has now an export quota consolidated over time of about 55% of the total turnover.


PDO Parma Ham and Cured Ham produced by Fontana Ermes S.p.A are the result of a perfect balance. Only natural ingredients, handled with care and with the highest safety standards for a sweet and tasty ham: a healthy, balanced and incredibly good product.

Parma Ham

Cured San Daniele Ham

Cured Ham with bone

Cooked hams

A big variety of cooked hams to meet all market needs. Produced respecting tradition, the cooked hams “with the Ribbon” include many types of cooked hams, Mortadellas and roasted hams.

Cooked Hams


Roasted Hams

Pre-sliced charcuterie

Pre-sliced Fontana Ermes charcuterie, sliced in a protective atmosphere, guarantees quality and freshness. More than 500 possibilities, 20 different packagings: they meet every need, both in terms of large retailers and specialized gastronomy.

Pre-sliced PDO Parma Ham

Pre-sliced Italian cured Ham

Pre-sliced PGI Coppa of Parma Ham