Starting from the Italian tradition to arrive at new products, characterized by a unique, strong, international personality!

Or, vice versa, starting from international spirits such as Gin and Vodka reinterpreting them in order to bring them closer to the Italian and Mediterranean traditions, playing with tools of the cigar trade by using “cigars”, individual glass tubes. This is Enoglam’s mission.

By experimenting with the use of native woods for aging, the careful use of smoked pomace and playing with the incorporation of woods used in aging different distillates, the result is a limited line of products that are each very different from one another and like nothing else on the market.


EVO is a grappa (distilled grapes) that is legally defined as a “riserva” because it ages for more than 18 months in wooden barrels. EVO does not contain any added dyes; its “nuance” is the result of barrel aging. 

An EVO cigar is an individual glass tube (3 or 5 cl) with just the right amount for a glass. They are sold in wooden cases containing 100 cigars of all three kinds or box containing 36 cigars (mixed or single-product).



Jewel Box


Taking advantage of the excellent organoleptic properties of some aromatic international and indigenous grape varieties, Enoglam produces a top quality Vodka, also flavored with citrus fruits (Chinotto, Bergamot, Citron and Bitter Orange). Cigars are available also for this line.


O de V - Bitter Orange

O de V - Bergamot

O DE V Gin

OdeV Italian Gin “White” and “Black” are dry Gin of wine origin (obtained from the distillation of partially fermented wine).

As already done for vodka, even with gin Enoglam pursues the idea of ”Mediterranean Spirit”.

O de V Gin – White

O de V Gin - Black

Box Italian Gin Experience