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Mancuso Family’s ice-cream making tradition has its rootsin Liverpool in 1950s, where its founder, Vincenzo Mancuso, started his first industry for the production of ice cream. In 1980 the family Mancuso decided to return to its origins, starting the production in Italy and thus creating an industry which, after a few years, became a large business thanks to the success of its products. The company offers a fine selection of flavours in several formats, such as cups, glass cups and flûte, and a line of 100% vegetable ice cream.





Here below you can find the description of some items. For further information, please see or download the catalogues.



An absolutely innovative line of 100% vegetable and GMO free ice-cream, made with soy milk and so totally free from cholesterol. It is a suitable ice cream fro vegetarians, vegans and people with intolerances, since it i salso lactose and gluten free.


Glass Cups

The glass cups are ideal desserts for special moments, spent in company. Well renowned flavours, matured in the traditional Italian way, will delight all taste buds.



The truffle, a typical Italian flavoured ice cream, contains a bitter and sweet contrast in its creamy thickness. Available with three flavors: white, cocoa and pistachio.


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