Since its foundation in 1891 until today, Delser was and still is one of the largest high quality confectionary factories in Italy. Delser’s mission is to continue offering biscuits, wafers, candies and cookies for babies that are always better, healthier and safer, constantly innovating itself and searching for new market niches.

Its range includes also gluten free cookies and crackers as well as sugar free biscuits dedicated to consumers with specific dietary needs or who want to follow a controlled diet without sacrificing taste.

The Delser brand, which is a guarantee of quality and tradition, offers the wealth of its experience in creating private label products to meet the demand of Large Distributors.

Sweet Delicacies

Delser’s sweet delicacies are suitable for breakfast or as an energy snack or for a 
moment of sweetness. All recipes are rich and delicious, prepared with the finest ingredients.

Frollini with cream

Vanilla wafers

Frollini with chocolate chips

Chocolate wafers

Frollini with apple filling

Hazelnut wafers

Salty Delicacies

Among the Delser Salted Snacks you can find a wide selection of delicious and versatile products, ideal as a snack to take a break with taste or as a substitute of bread.

Salted crackers

Crackers with extra virgin olive oil and rosemary

Whole wheat crackers

Crackers with puffed rice

Gluten free crackers

Salted snacks

Organic line

Delser’s team of experts work constantly for the innovation of products and processes, analyzing the market and looking for new ideas and solutions to satisfy the needs of always more demanding client, such as the new line of organic crackers and wafers.

Organic crackers without salt grains on the surface

Organic chocolate wafers

Organic crackers with sesame and rosemary

Organic hazelnut wafers