Established in 1993, De Matteis Agroalimentare is a leading pasta producing company. Originally a mill with a small pasta manufacturing plant, De Matteis has turned into one of the biggest players in the world pasta market.

Its cutting-hedge equipment, its careful selection of the raw materials and its wide range of pasta shapes and packaging solutions are its strengths.

Fewer than 10% of Italian pasta producers have their own milling facilities directly connected to the pasta factory. Thus, the company controls every phase of processing the wheat, from cleaning to milling, in order to obtain flour that is always fresh and to ensure the unique taste of its products under the brands Grano Armando, Baronia and Donna Vera.

Grano Armando

Grano Armando is made only with water and selected varieties of 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, rough died and slow-dried, with a minimum protein content of 14.5% and a balanced quantity and quality of gluten to ensure a pasta that’s tasty as well as healthy. 

Packed only in recyclable paper, it is available also gluten-free and 100% organic whole wheat pasta.





Organic Whole Wheat Tortiglione

Gluten-free Penna


A range of classic, amber-colored pasta that performs excellently during cooking. 

This pasta, available in several long and short shapes, has been tasted for the ideal thickness to savour the real taste of the Mediterranean tradition. 

Made with 100% Italian wheat, result of the direct cooperation with the farmers, for both Retail and Food Service. 




Donna Vera

Donna Vera retains the values handed down from generation to generation of expert Italian pasta makers.