Thanks to the long-term experience in the food sector, the Consortium dal Molise is specialised in the production of  fresh and IQF frozen Italian dairy products made with cow’s milk and buffalo’s milk. “Dal Molise” means that “from Molise” they want to bring the genuineness of their products to satisfy the palates of their customers worldwide.

The Consortium is deeply committed to the production process, rigid control and high quality standards, ensuring full traceability of the process and production systems.

Focused on quality, tradition and innovation, the Consortium produces a wide range of dairy and non dairy-products, such as pasta, olive oil, tomatoes, vegetables in oil, truffles and wine, responding to market demands serving both national and international markets and offering groupage.

IQF Frozen dairy products

Developing the frozen line with the innovative technology IQF, individual freezing process with liquid nitrogen, the Consortium brings the real Italian taste on the tables of the whole world.

IQF Frozen Mozzarella Slices

IQF Frozen Burratina with truffle

IQF Frozen Pearls of Mozzarella

IQF Frozen Smoked Burratina

Fresh dairy products with raw cow’s milk

The Consortium offers a wide range of fresh dairy products made with raw cow’s milk, including mozzarella, ricotta and stracciatella.

Mozzarella Leaf

Ricottina with truffle

Mozzarella Braid


Fresh dairy products with pasteurized cow’s milk

The Consortium offers a wide range of fresh dairy products made with pasteurized cow’s milk such as mozzarella for pizza, burratina and ricotta.

Mozzarella Cherries


Diced mozzarella