Established in the 18th century , Brazzale is the oldest Italian diary. The company offers a wide range of brands and products, among them Gran Moravia is the jewel in the crown.

Gran Moravia is an ecologically sustainable cheese with vegetable rennet , produced with respect to cattles, grounds and water layers. Available powdered, shredded, diced and so on. The company produces both chilled and frozen cheese.

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Gran Moravia – Whole wheel

Gran Moravia hard cheese is an irreplaceable ingredient for your recipes. The flavor of Gran Moravia enriches any single dish. It is ideal both as table cheese or grated, in shaves or cubes, and it can be served as a fancy starter, as an appetizer or at the end of the meal together with seasonal fruits. It is also suitable for Vegetarian diets.


  • Long-aged cheese
  • Eco-sustainable Chain
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Halal certified
  • Naturally lactose free

Available also without lysozyme.

Cheese for grating Supemix

The product consists of a mixture of hard cheeses of medium or long aging, produced exclusively with cow’s milk from the EU. Available in sizes of 100g and 1000g.


  • milk
  • salt
  • rennet
  • Preservative: lysozyme (egg protein)
  • Anti-caking agents: cellulose (E460)



Vacuum packed Grana Padano


  • Milk
  • salt
  • rennet
  • Preservative: Lysozyme egg protein