Brazzale family is Italy’s oldest dairy company, in uninterrupted activity for at least eight generations, producing cheese and butter since 1784.

The combination of agricultural roots and industrial culture allowed the Brazzale family to reach the years of primacy in national level, both in butter and in aged hard cheese.

In the early 2000s, the company has decided to direct its development towards the creation of innovative agro-industrial systems in Moravia, the fabulous and pure region that stretches between Wien and Prague, where Brazzale produces Gran Moravia aged cheese.

Today, the group has over 700 employees, six production facilities distributed in Italy, the Czech Republic, Brazil and China, and a chain of retail stores. 

Gran Moravia

The Gran Moravia eco sustainable chain is based on sustainable agricultural and zoo-technical concepts, high ecological and economic efficiency, improving the quality and health of the products themselves. 

Gran Moravia aged cheese is ideal both as table cheese or grated, in shaves or cubes, and it can be served as a fancy starter, as an appetizer or at the end of the meal together with seasonal fruits. 

It is also suitable for a vegetarian diet since it does not use animal rennet.

Gran Moravia Whole Wheel

Gran Moravia Vacuum Packaging

Gran Moravia Mini Snack

Gran Moravia Grated

PDO Grana Padano

In 1954 Brazzale founded the Grana Padano Consortium.

Grana Padano is the best-selling PDO cheese in the world. Thanks to the characteristics of its production process, it is naturally lactose free and has great nutritional properties.

PDO Grana Padano Vacuum Packaging

PDO Grana Padano Grated

Stretched curd cheese

In Italy there are many different types of stretched-curd cheese, also called pasta filata cheese.

The best feature of these types of cheese is that they melt upon cooking. Thus, they can be added to a pasta dish, on pizza or in quiches.

Mozzarella 1000 g

Pasta Filata


White Scamorza

Smoked Scamorza