Bevande Futuriste is specialized in the distribution of organic, non-alcoholic beverages and marketing activities, focused on sell out, events and networking, both in Italy and internationally; today already one of the most dynamic and successful in the world of Italian HoReCa/On-trade.

Marke is the owner of various brands of non-alcoholic beverages, including DiFrutta BIO, Amatè BIO, Cortese Originale 1959 BIO and Cortese and Scortese Premium. Ranges of organic, natural, glamorous products, with a low sugar content to meet consumers’ needs at any time of the day.

The mission of Bevande Futuriste is to spread the values of beauty, nature and quality in society, in order to promote the glamour of a healthy lifestyle, from breakfast to nightlife.

Cortese and Originale Bio 1959

Cortese is a proposal of different and decisive soft drinks, dedicated to professional mixologists and created with their precious help, designed to create unique combinations.

CORTESE Originale Bio 1959 is the innovative and refined organic proposal of sparkling drinks that takes up the Italian tradition of good drinking, enhancing and reinterpreting our great classics in a unique way.

Cortese – Ginger Beer

Cortese – Pure Tonic

Originale – Lemonade

Originale - Pomegranate


Difrutta is a range of organic squeezes, fruit juices 100% and nectars of the highest quality. The fruit comes from organic Italian crops that do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, additives and GMOs.

It is carefully selected and harvested at the right point of ripeness, maintaining flavour and authenticity thanks to the use of innovative vacuum processing techniques.

Orange, Carrot and Lemon




ama_tè and amatisana

ama_tè and amatisana are infusions with hot infused tea leaves, herbs and spices, and with fruit extracted with the cold brew technique. The best raw materials with attention to origin and organic, Italian and from the world. 

Sweetened with organic apple juice.
Without dyes and preservatives, gluten-free.

ama_tè – White Tea and Orange

ama_tè – Matcha Green Tea

amatisana – Mint and Ginger

amatisana – Chamomile and Star Anise