From the first glass bottle designed by Manfredi Barbera Senior in 1936, to the creation of an unfiltered must olive oil in the ’60s, the experimental mill and the creation of “Lorenzo N°5”, the first pitted olive oil, Barbera has always been synonymous not only with unquestionable quality, but also with an expertise built up over three hundred years. Its wide product range allows Barbera to meet all its client’s needs, supplying them with olive oils with different origins for both Retail and Exported to over 30 countries, Barbera products have won many prizes around the world. Selecting with great care the sources of the olives allows Barbera to create unique olive oils such as those with protected designation of origin or the organically farmed olive oils.

Lorenzo line

Dedicated to three generations of the Barbera family, this product line represents the supreme synthesis of Manfredi Barbera e Figli’s extra virgin olive oil production: the perfected sum of all the values that have always inspired the company, as well as the natural propensity for innovation and cutting-edge technology at the Custonaci mill.

Lorenzo n.1

Lorenzo n.3

Lorenzo n.5

Gran Gourmet Line

Produced with the most rigorous respect for tradition, the Gran Gourmet olive oils are the true specialties of the finest cuisine, and the pride of Sicily due to the awards won in the most prestigious international competitions.


Selezione Speciale

Le Soste di Ulisse

Tuttonatura Line

Precious olive oils with a classic taste, a skilful blend of different olive varieties from the most famous olive growing areas in Italy.

These are universal olive oils that suit any dish: tasty in salads, delicate in sauces, and light in frying.




Olio di Casa