About us

Italian Fancy Food Brokers work with small/medium Italian Food&Beverage manufacturers as well as well as popular companies and their well-known brands.

Matching Italian supply and international demand is not our only task:
we support our suppliers and customers at every step of the trading process, including transportation and logistics.

Our wide product range includes all the typical ingredients of the Italian cuisine: pasta, ready made pasta sauces, olive oil, dairy products, cold cuts, seafood products, legumes, pickles and vegetables in oil, bakery products, water, coffee, wines and alcoholic beverages, among the others. In the light of the rising international demand for eco-friendly and sustainable foods as well as the increasing attention to dietary restrictions,  we have expanded our range of organic, vegan and gluten free foods.

The specialized knowledge in the Food&Beverage sector of our team as well as our high ethical and professional standards led prominent Italian brands and international players to rely on us.

Botticelli Foods

Botticelli Foods is committed to bringing the quality and authenticity of Italian cousine to worldwide consumers.

Founded in 2002 by Joseph Asaro and Sons, Botticelli is one of the best-selling brands of ready made pasta sauces and olive oils in the US market.

Their humble beginning links back four generations to the island of Sicily where their ancestors worked as farmers and local grocers.

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